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Issue 05: No Boundaries

Issue 05: No Boundaries

Issue 05 is finally here! Visit our site to read more about the work included this issue as well as a short excerpt from the Letter from the Editor.

15% of Issue 05 sales will be given to local Black-led organizations who are actively doing on-the-ground anti-racist and criminal justice reform work in different sectors of our community: Violence in Boston, Black and Pink Boston, Families for Justice as Healing, and Boston Ujima Project.

Due to COVID-19, we are sad to share there will not be a launch party for Issue 05. We look forward to celebrating the work that went into this issue at a later date.

Order by June 23 to receive your copy in the first batch of shipments!

Annie Armstrong
Rory Fitzgerald Bledsoe
Leonie Bradbury
Briney Burley
Jenna Crowder
Olivia Deng
Shana Dumont Garr
Amy Halliday
Chris Hartman
Matthew Lawrence
Gina Lindner
Lauren Klotzman
Theresa Mitchell
Rebekah E. Moore
Ashira Morris
Daria Semco
Kirsten Swenson
Sam Toabe
Anne Thompson
Rebecca Uchill

Sam Adams
Stephanie Cardon
Dee Diggs
Tory Fair
Kate Gilbert
Wendy Jacob
Rachel Kay
John Maier
Sal Randolph
Cierra Michele Peters
Ralph Pennel
Felipe Shibuya
Helen Singh-Miller
Courtney Stock
Sheida Soleimani
Leah Triplett Harrington

Peter Agoos
Genevieve Cohn
Imaginary Collective
Christine Sun Kim
Yuko Oda
Laine Rettmer
Cal Rice
Jerry Beck and Coraly Rivera
Cassandra Rodriguez
Ally Schmaling
OJ Slaughter
Frankie Symonds
Tschabalala Self
Michelle Stevens
Zsuzsanna Szegedi-Varga
Mar Parrilla
Yu-Wen Wu

The Cost of Capitalism by OJ Slaughter

Yu-Wen Wu, Bundle Stories, 2019.

Jameson Johnson, Jacqueline Houton, Phil Zminda, and Betsy Willett

Julianna Sy

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