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Image of Boston Art Review Issue 01

Boston Art Review Issue 01

Boston Art Review's first print publication, "Notions of Place," features over 25 reviews, interviews, essays, and features from artists and writers in Boston and beyond.

-Art in a Digital Landscape, a conversation with Judith Barry
-An exhibition review of “Let Us March On: Lee Friedlander and the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom” by Samuel Adams
-On Surveillance: An interview with Chantal Zakari and Mike Mandel
-Featured Interviews from SPRING / BREAK by Lauren Pellerano Gomez
-Dismantling Borders: A Review of Hito Steyerl’s “Liquidity Inc”
-Making Room: An exploration of artist led spaces by Phil Zminda
-A conversation on memory and place with Kristin Texeira
…and much more

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